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"There was for Saba, aforetime, a sign in their homeland [Yemen] two gardens to the right and to the left . . . be grateful to Him[Allah] . . .But they turned away, and We sent against them the flood released from the Dams [Maarib dam]" (Qur'an. Saba:15-16)

To those interested in my Seerah class! February 20, 2011

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Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu–

For those interested in registering, attending or listening in on my Seerah class please go to the class blog at Please contact me with questions regarding the class through comments to that blog. You are also welcome to join the discussion in our related Discussion Forum at Allah Khayr.




Calling ALL who visited the Science Museum for Eid ul Fitr September 13, 2010

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Those of you who visited the Science Museum for Eid Ul Fitr–can you please please please provide:

1) Anecdotal information about what worked well aT the Science Museum for you this Eid ul Fitr.

2) Also, why do you think it is important for them to continue to provide these events for our religious holidays?

3) And what would be relevant to the community (from your perspective) for the future?

We want to help the organizers who are passionate about this to plan, organize and advocate for future events. So, please please please do provide your feedback in the comment section to this post.

Jazakom Allah Khayr.