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"There was for Saba, aforetime, a sign in their homeland [Yemen] two gardens to the right and to the left . . . be grateful to Him[Allah] . . .But they turned away, and We sent against them the flood released from the Dams [Maarib dam]" (Qur'an. Saba:15-16)

About the Blogger July 5, 2010

Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

(May the Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon You)

Jazaakom Allah Khayr (a.k.a “Thank You”) for visiting my blog. Insha Allah (God Willing) you find what benefits you, and if not then let me know and if I can help I will.

A  little bit about me :

  • Originally from Yemen but born in China (Peking) and currently living in the USA–Montgomery/Alabama to be exact [just moved from Minnesota]

  • Eldest of four siblings: Arwa (born in India), Mueen (born in Yemen), and Liza (born in England).

  • Lived in Yemen, China, India, England, Germany, Ethiopia, Tanzania,  Djibouti and the USA. My father was an ambassador to Yemen from the years 1970-2001.

  • Fluent in Arabic and English. Reading ability in German–without much practice my oral abilities in German, which were excellent, have dwindled.

  • Married to Khaled , also from Yemen. But we met and married in Minnesota. I must say, the best career of all is being a wife !!!!

  • Inherited my mother’s passion for cooking–she is still, to me, the most wonderful cook in the world. All of my dishes are either hers or are inspired by her. I will be sharing my recipes.

  • Ph.D. holder of English Literature from the University of Minnesota. The title of my dissertation was: “The Women of the Turk and Moor Plays” in which I discussed early modern (16th and 17th century) English representations of Muslim women on the English stage.

  • M.A. in English Language and Literature from Iowa State University. The title of my thesis was: “Early Modern English Understanding of Islam trough the 1649 Alcoran of Mahomet.” I attempted, through close study of the very first translation of the Qur’an into the English language, to speculate on some of the reasons that may have led to the anonymous writer’s misinterpretation and mistranslation of Muslim Doctrine, which in turn shaped early modern English minds about Islam.

  • B.A. in English Language and Literature with a minor in Education from Aden University/ Faculty of Arts, Science and Education in my home city Aden/Republic of Yemen.

  • Recipient of Fulbright Scholarship in 1997.

  • Recipient of Myron Allen Fellowship from the University of Minnesota in 1999.

  • Taught English Language, Writing, and Literature at: Faculty of Arts Science and Education/ University of Aden (Aden/Yemen), Institute of Languages (Aden/Yemen), Iowa State University/English Department (Ames/USA), University of Minnesota/English Department (Minneapolis/USA), Minneapolis Community and Technical College (Minneapolis/USA).

  • Worked as a Medical Interpreter for  Hennepin County Medical Center (Minneapolis/USA), and for  the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota/USA).

  • Previously edit and wrote articles for Hiba Magazine, which attempt to bridge the gap between Quran and Sunnah and our Muslim Ummah and spread and cultivate true and inspirational knowledge to promote peace and harmony. It also aims to provide families with insightful, informative and decent reading material all under one cover.

  • Previously edited for Dar Al Tarjama located in Egypt.

  • Offered weekly Circle of Light halaqa at Masjed Al-Huda in Minneapolis/MN 2007-20011 . Currently Sisters Inspiring Sisters Halaqa in Montgomery/AL 2011-current.
  • Currently Assistant Professor of English at Alabama State University. 

So much yet to learn so feel free to teach me. There are two things that have caused the loss of knowledge and they are “arrogance and bashfulness” according to our Islamic scholars. Knowledge humbles for as Frank Herbert (1920-1986) said, ” The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.”

All discussions and dialogs are open Insha Allah. Feel free to  correct me, advise me, and offer constructive comments.  I will respond as soon I am able to.

Jazaakom Allah Khayr and Wasalaam Alaikum.

Dr. Lamya Almas


15 Responses to “About the Blogger”

  1. Sada Muhammad Says:

    As salam alikum,

    Thank you Sr. Lamya for this blog. It is so nice to get to know you better. I am glad to hear that your lectures will inshaAllah be available online. For sisters with young children like myself, this is of great benefit alhamdulilah.

    I am truly in awe of all your accomplishments and travels mashaAllah. Your life work is very inspiring and a great example for our daughters. May Allah reward you for sharing with us, (especially the recipes)! My daughter is eager to try one dessert recipe right away. This will be an exciting endeavor, hope we get the recipe right.

    I look forward to learning more from you inshaAllah. This is a wonderful way for me and others like myself, to keep connected. I appreciate the time you make for “everyday people”. May Allah reward you with the highest in jennah. Ameen.

  2. Lamya Says:

    Wa Alaikum Assalam Sr. Sada–

    Wiyakom my dear. Jazaaki Allah Khayr for visiting my blog as well as your sweet comments. I am glad you are able to benefit Alhamdullilah. Insha Allah your daughter will be on her way to becoming a good cook and wife in the future insha Allah first, and an accomplished sister as well. Let me know how the recipe turned out, insha Allah it will turn out great, and she will be encouraged with all the praise she gets from those who eat it. May Allah reward you Jannat Al-Firdaws too. Ameen Sr, Ameen. Do let me know what else I can add to help you “everyday people” of which I am one, of course 🙂 By helping you all, I am helping myself as well insha Allah.

  3. I am so glad to see you have started your own blog. Masha’Allah. I hope you bring all your intelligence on to this little corner so that the rest of us can become more knowledgeable and also become better cooks! I cannot wait to see what you will be posting soon. 🙂

    Humaira Afzal

  4. Lamya Says:

    Assalaam Alaikum Humaira–
    Jazaaki Allah Khayr my dear for your kindness. Insha Allah I am looking forward to posting so much on this blog, but just have the find the time to do so. May Allah bless our time. Insha Allah I just hope I am up to your and everyone’s expectations.

    As for me making better cooks of you all–nothing would make me happier than to see you all succeed both inside and outside of the home insha Allah. 🙂

  5. Mohammed Says:

    That’s amazing Lamya
    Alot of things we can get from here
    I SHOULD let everyone know about this beneifcial website


  6. Salma Reyes Says:

    Assalam3aykum Sister Lamya,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog and the links. I can keep up with what’s going on now. I just want to say your halaqa’s are amazing.

    May you be in the protection of Allah. May Allah reward you with good.

    Jazzaki Alla Khair

  7. Lamya Says:

    Wa Alaikum Assalaam Sister Salma–

    You’re very welcome my dear. If you think of it, I have to thank you all for coming to the halaqa and listening and opening your hearts to me while I tell you ALL that I have learned. You all Maa sha Allah have such beautiful hearts, like very fertile landscapes where the flowers of Iman grow. I wish that for you and for all whether I am giving the halaqa or not. 🙂 Hope to see more of you Insha Allah.

  8. Asiya Says:

    Asalamu alyakum sister Lamya! I just started attending your halaqas at Al Huda and honestly I cant tell you how much it has impacted my life, alhumdulilah. After I leave the masjid my iman feels recharged and ready to work on my deen. I feel comfortable in class because its only sisters and I can grasp what your saying better.As a teen who grew up in this country it sometimes feels your being swallowed up by fitnah every were you turn, and like their is not any role models for us young women to really look up to in this time and age. We NEED more classes for sisters only that are run by sisters only. Sisters like you and sister Aisha are long over due. Again Jazakkalah Kair and may Allah reward you with Janatul Fardosin ahlah

  9. Lamya Says:

    Wa alaykum assalaam Sister–

    Jazaaki Allah khayr for your sweetness. May Allah protect you and all our daughters insha Allah. We have great expectations for all you young girls, you are the future of this Ummah. I look forward to seeing you shine soon insha Allah. May Allah grant you Jannat Alfirdaws too insha Allah. Ameen.

  10. maryam Says:

    thank u 4 da info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $PEACE$

  11. Amool Says:

    Loves you lemya !


  12. abduljabar Says:

    I really appriciate what you are doing. God bless you. i hope you will continue teaching our kids, mother and wife.
    thank you jazaakallahu keyraljaza’a

  13. Zamzam Says:

    You are the most inspiring person I ever meet, All that i Can say is JAZAKALLAHU KHayr. May ALLAh bless you and your family. thank you very much for taking the time from your schedule to be with us and teaching us this great Religion. I really LOVE you VERY much. Everytime I attend your Halaqa, I feel emotional and closer to ALLAH. May ALlah grant you Janatul firdows. LUV U LAMYA

  14. kjulika Says:

    Mashallah! This is really great! May Allah (SWT) reward you.

  15. jj Says:

    asalam alekum, its greeat to read your blog,i am orginally yemeni to but born in kenya and lived my highschool in ksa, now in minnesota for school. i enjoyed reading and hope to read more of your blog

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