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"There was for Saba, aforetime, a sign in their homeland [Yemen] two gardens to the right and to the left . . . be grateful to Him[Allah] . . .But they turned away, and We sent against them the flood released from the Dams [Maarib dam]" (Qur'an. Saba:15-16)

Sh. Yasir Birjas’s Khatirahs this Ramadan. July 20, 2012

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I will be posting Sheikh Yasir Birjas’s Khatirahs this Ramadan for easy access insha Allah.

Khatirah # 1 click here.

Khatirah # 2 click here.

Khatirah # 3 click here .

Khatirah # 4 click here.


Recommendation Material for Ramadan July 17, 2012

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Here are some recommendations for Ramadan:

1) Ramadan Project Checklist

2) Sh. Yasir Birjas “Excelling in Ramadan” –10 tips

3) Productive Ramadan e-book.

4) Ramadan Health Guide.

5) Children’s Ramadan Chart.

 6) Ramadan Qur’an Memorization Challenge.

7) Ramadan Activities for Kids.

8) TV Qur’an for listening to Qur’an and Duas and Qur’an Explorer.

9) A wealth of Islamic books, lectures, and articles. Cannot recommend this site enough. Enjoy Kalamullah. Another one is Hoor al-Ayn.

10) Weekly Ramadan Calendar and Blank Ramadan CalendarRamadan Planner also has other resources.

11) Ramadan Battle Plan 2012.

12) How To Make Your Ramadan Outstanding.

13) Time Management Tips.