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"There was for Saba, aforetime, a sign in their homeland [Yemen] two gardens to the right and to the left . . . be grateful to Him[Allah] . . .But they turned away, and We sent against them the flood released from the Dams [Maarib dam]" (Qur'an. Saba:15-16)

Library of Circle of Light Halaqas October 25, 2011

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Audio 1 : 

Da’wah [calling/inviting to Allah (SWT)] Part 1Part 2 [correction 16 yrs after revelation that the prohibition of alcohol was revealed in Islam].

Audio 2:

Less of the Iblisicist “I” & more of the “We” : The Islamic Ummah Part 1Part 2.

Audio 3:

Love for the Sake of Allah (SWT) Part 1Part 2.

Audio 4:

Family of the Qur’an Part 1Part 2.

Audio 5:

Hajj and Umrah Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Audio 6:

Praise and Gratitude to Allah Part 1Part 2

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