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"There was for Saba, aforetime, a sign in their homeland [Yemen] two gardens to the right and to the left . . . be grateful to Him[Allah] . . .But they turned away, and We sent against them the flood released from the Dams [Maarib dam]" (Qur'an. Saba:15-16)

Homework on Nusaybah Bint Ka’ab July 24, 2010

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Assignment for Nusaybah Bint Ka’ab

We discussed the legacy of the female companion of the Prophet (saw) Nusaybah Bint Ka’ab–a.k.a. Um Umarah, the mother of the martyr Habib Ibn Zaid. We marveled at the fervor with which she defended the Messenger of Allah (saw) in the Battle of Uhud.

In the Battle of Uhud  she showed tremendous courage at a time when many men deserted the Prophet (saw). Indeed, she was a women worth ten men. The Prophet (saw) said that wherever he (saw) looked there she was standing firmly defending him, even when her shoulder gave in to Ibn Qami’as blows and after she fell in her own pool of blood.

Seeing her steadfastness in defending him (saw), he (saw)looked at her and asked her who could endure what she was . With confidence and obstinacy she responded that she could endure even more. Then she requested that the Prophet (saw) grant her his companionship in Jannah, to which he (saw) answered, “Not only you, but your whole family.” At which he (saw) raised his hands to Allah (swt) and asked that Allah (swt) grant her her and her family that very honor.

Today, as in the past, the Messenger of Allah (saw) is being attacked as well. Not with the sword, but the weapon of our time–the pen. Do you remember the cartoons that came out in a magazine in Denmark and later on republished in Holland and Norway? This is but one of the many attacks on our beloved Prophet (saw). So, did Southpark here in the USA. And don’t forget the Seattle cartoonist who even launched a “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day“. The attacks continue and will continue, unless we Muslims take action. Muslims? Why Muslims? Aren’t those who attack the Prophet (saw) completely to blame? No, we are partly, if not mostly, to blame. Unlike the victims of the Holocaust and Anti-slavery activists we have not made our issue with this attack on, and disrespect of our Prophet (saw) clear.

Your group assignment is as follows:

In your respective groups, I want you come up with a plan to defend the Messenger of Allah (saw) in our current day and age–like Um Umarah did during her time, and in accordance with the moment she was in. Make use of the tools of today–the pen, the internet, media, advertising, campaigns etc. I am asking you to do so within our capacities and not beyond them. Justify your choices–for instance if you have chosen to put together a website then how is your website going to differ from those already around.

Why work hard on this assignment, although it is not graded?

Who knows, you may get to use this plan in the future to defend the Messenger of Allah (saw). But know that if today insha Allah you have the sincere intention to do so, Allah (swt) will give you the rewards for actually executing this plan. That is grounds enough to work hard on this assignment insha Allah.

At the last hour of class each group will present their plan to the rest of us.

Good Luck


2 Responses to “Homework on Nusaybah Bint Ka’ab”

  1. asma Says:

    cant believe class over i am goin 2 miss it 🙂 we should put togther another one 🙂
    asma ahmed

  2. I know Asma, it has passed by unbelievably past. We all had a blast alhamdullilah. Insha Allah I get to see you all leaders in your respective interests ya Rab. Ameen.

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